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Tired of the fear mongers? Ready to plow through the nagging doubts and outright fears of various sizes and shapes that are keeping you from living your best life? Eager to take the leap into that new job, start that new business, or meet that person you'd really like to know better? What's keeping you back?

This is the challenge before you: Faced with a scary reality, to navigate past the anxiety, refuse to be afraid, and free yourself to move on to your dreams.

Well, you asked for it, and I appreciate that! Thanks for signing up for my weekly newsletter. I promise not to abuse the privilege! As my thank you, I'll send you my collection of bloggings and essays Refuse to be Afraid, which seems to be more relevant every day in this scary world of ours. It'll be coming your way in a handy-dandy .zip file that will unfold to give you the book as a .pdf, .mobi (Kindle) or .epub - you should be able to use the one you're most comfortable with. Give me a holler if you need help.

The newsletter will be a simple update of what I've been up to, including links to the week's blog posts, articles that caught my eye, and/or inside news on projects I've been tinkering with. By the way, I don't share this list with anyone.

Just fill out the handy-dandy form below while I grab the book from the storeroom.

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